bible, old testament, sexual assault


Tamar David’s daughter was failed by her family and her community and by if I dare say God. When you exegate the text you know all the things that followed David after his affair or rape with Bathsheba ( depending on which Old Testament scholar you ask it may and may not have been a rape) Tamar’s rape, Absalom killing Amnon, Absalom trying to overthrow David etc happen because God placed a curse on the house of David to punish him for his sin. David failed his daughter by being angry but doing nothing, Absalom failed Tamar by telling her do not say anything because Amnon is her brother. Amnon failed her by raping her and sending her away. Were is the hope for women like Tamar when the deity, her family and community fails her. Were is her hope when her community and family plots against her ( as Amnon had help from their cousin.) Were is her hope when she is being used by a deity that claims to love and protect her but yet uses her to punished her father. Who can she go to when her father does nothing because Amnon is his first born. and where does she go but to her full brother’s house in despair never to be seen, heard or mention again except that Absalom named his daughter after Tamar. Can we not question God’s goodness in this? and what kind of deity places a curse on a man’s family to punish him? Tamar was failed by everyone including by the deity himself or herself.


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