Ruth and Boaz ( not a great example)

When women are looking for their spouses they had told to wait for their Boaz but let me say this. That is not good advice because , as much as we like to believe that the way these two came was great and how it was Godly and all that jazz. The truth of the matter in the text the Diety had nothing to do with this and I am not even sure He/she/it/they have been mentioned at all in the Book of Ruth. It wasn’t romantic, nor godly or innocent or honourable, although Boaz did the honourable thing by marrying Ruth. The truth is what the text says and illustrates is desperation by two women, one who was an elderly woman who can no longer produce male children in a society that honors and prefers males and one young woman who decided to give up her life and family to help take care of her mother in law. Namoi knew in that society they lived in ( it was stupid but heck Namoi
must have been a really good mother in law). She and Ruth would need a man to take care of them that is why she pimped off Ruth and said to her go and dress up , put perfume on, approach Boaz when he is drunk and lay at his “feet” which if you do a word study and study the sexual practices of the ancient world when a woman lays at a man’s feet it is usually sexual or has some sexual innuendo feet in the ancient world more often than not has some sexual connotation to it . Hence , Ruth didn’t simply lay at Boaz’s feet she performed something sexual and that is why he had to marry her. So no it wasn’t romantic or godly or innocent. We need stop telling women that to wait for their Boaz because we telling them that they are in dire straits or in desperation that they need to perform sexual acts on a man so that hopefully he marry them or take care of them ( I say hopefully because many of these guys out there aren’t just going marry someone they had sex with) and some are going break their promise after they get the girl to sleep with them.. Ruth and Boaz are not the standard or the how to guide just like any of the marriages in the bible. Women shouldn’t be taught that have to do anything to get or keep a man whether it is from sexual acts or cooking and cleaning except love them


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