St. Augustine’s Influence on the Church

The  church has been  seriously  influenced by  the  the  theology of  St. Augustine .  His  theology  on  marriage, women and sex has long lasting effects on  Western Christianity.  The church  has taken  on  his theology  that a  woman is second  to  a  man  and  that  you have to  be  pure and holy  for  God  to use you.  In Augustine’s theology sex is  only good for  procreation  and that  a man would be  a better companion  than a  woman unless  this woman transcends.  In the  modern church if  a woman  messes up, she is  shamed, if  a  man  does  in most    Christian sects he  is  not  shamed.    Purity and  virginity is  evidenced  at  weddings were the  bride  wears white  to  suggests  she is  a virgin. Although many women are  not virgins  when they get married,  many women decide  to wear  white to  give the  illusion of  virginity and  purity. While  the  white wedding dress  came   centuries  after  Augustine, the  idea  women must be virginal and  pure at all times  to be holy  for them to transcend has stuck with the church.  Unless the church breaks  these chains, Augustine’s theology  will  remain oppressive  to  women  and  others


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