Works on Gender, bodies, bodies protest, sexultality that I believe should be read

This is a list in progress which is unfinished

Articles, Books that you should be reading on bodies, body protest , sexuality gender etc
1.Susan Bordo Unbearable weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body
2. Michele Alexandre Dancehalls, Masquerades, Body Protest
and the Law:The Female Body as a Redemptive Tool
Against Trinidad and Tobago’s Gender-Biased Laws
3. Judith Butler : Gender Trouble
4 B.Edmondson Public Spectacles: Caribbean Women and the Politics of Public Performance. Small Axe 13.7(1), 1-16.
5. Alison Phipps: The Politics of the Body
6 Michel Foucault The History of Sexuality
7Caren M. Holmes : The Colonial Roots of the Racial Fetishization of Black Women
8.Stevi Jackson; Sue Scott Feminism and sexuality : a reader
9.Akeia A. F. Benard Colonizing Black Female Bodies Within
Patriarchal Capitalism: Feminist and Human Rights Perspectives
10.Desiree Lewis Against the Grain: Black Women and Sexuality

11.Toni Irving Borders of the Body: Black Women, Sexual Assault, and Citizenship.

an extra  would be The Second  Sex


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