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True Christmas Story

The true Christmas story is not the angels singing, the wise men bringing expensive gifts, nor is it shepherds flocking in their fields but the true Christmas story is of a young poor unwed pregnant Palestinian ( Mary and Jesus were not blonde and blue eye but people of color) mother trying to find somewhere safe to have a precious and special child. The true Christmas story is a young Palestinian mother frighten and scared for her child’s life , fleeing to Egypt with her small child to save his life. Many mothers know that feeling except they cannot flee to some foreign land to save their child. Jesus birth and toddler years ( he was a toddler by the time the wise men came and by the time the holy family fled to Egypt) weren’t a bend of roses and wonderful as we make it out to be. It was a scary time for Mary and baby Jesus. The true Christmas story is despite the threat of death, Jesus still was born and still lived.    The true Christmas story continues in this  present day where  you have  refugee families  fleeing violence   to somewhere safe. There are  lot of  Marys and   Jesus in this world and we  must do  our  best to help  them. The  true  Christmas story is like  the  Syrians,  South and  Central American refugees  who are  fleeing  violence   , Jesus was just like them.


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