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Women and Advent

Women were very much part of the preparing and coming of the Christ child, we love to focus on the angel Gabriel , the Christ child himself and the God who ” choose” his mother but we never talk Elizabeth, Anna and the Virgin Mary. These 3 women are just important to narrative as Christ, God and the angel Gabriel, the three wise men , the shepherds etc. It was Anna in Luke 2:36-38 after much prayer and fasting came out and spoke about the coming of the child when Jesus was presented at the temple . She was a prophetess she foretold Jesus’s greatness, it was Elizabeth in Luke 1:39-49 who confirmed Mary’s pregnancy and it was Mary who accepted this challenge. Its funny though that after the coming and dedication of Christ women play second fiddle to him but that’s for another post. I say this to say in our preaching and celebrations of the Christ do not forget the roles that women played in his coming, do not be like the Gospel writers and silence them and do not let them play second fiddle . Let them have a voice as without Anna, Elizabeth and Mary Jesus Christ would not be the one who has come and will come again Christ way was paved by women  Happy Third  week of Advent


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