patriarchy, sexual agency


This  society  is obsessed with women’s bodies, women’s virginity and whether a woman is pure or not if she is not a virgin. Men are praised when they have more than one sex partner but women are called sluts and whores if they have multiple sex partners like its some disease. Society stresses on a woman’s purity, virginity but more often than not they don’t stress upon’s a man’s purity. We are in a patriarchal society that people praise a married woman who gives her father a certification letter that she is a virgin but yet we don’t know if her husband had to give one to his parents. I wonder if we still living in biblical times where women were just mere property of their fathers and had to be a virgin so that their property rates don’t go down. I think that’s gross virginity certification.  We  let  women who have  affairs with married  men and children with them get away with it but call single  women who have sex with  multiple single men  whores and sluts.What is it with society’s obsession on the sex lives of women. If a woman was to have sex with multiple partners that’s her business. if she wants to remain a virgin that’s her business. Being a virgin does not make you a pure person or a holy person. Being a virgin isn’t going make a marriage last. What a woman or a man does with their own body ( outside of adultery) is their business. Society’s needs to stop obsessing what a woman does with her body, if she wants to have sex that’s on her, if she wants to wait before marriage that’s on her too but this obsession with women’s bodies is sickening and disgusting.


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