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Caribbean Theology, History and Literature Syllabus

Over  the  Christmas break, I am not  only going work  on  my body  protesting book,  I am going  also work on  my Caribbean theology syllabus . I have  not  really  found  one  that  has  a  focus  on  other  Caribbean  studies that didn’t  focus on Jamaican theology or   Rastafarian religion. . I want  to also include  Spanish, French and  Dutch  Caribbean theologians  I also want to focus  on religions  like  Voodoo, Roman Catholicism Santeria  and  not only on   Black Caribbean theology  but  also  Euro Caribbean Theology and  Indo -Caribbean theology. So stay tuned  after  the  Christmas  break  to  see the  launch of  the  syllabus  on  my website.    The  Syllabus will also include works from Caribbean Biblical scholars.


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