The Lajabless

Lajabless is said to be the bride of the devil or  depending  on the story  just  an  agent of  the  devil. According to the folklore of   St.Lucia,   Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe  and   Trinidad and Tobago,   she appears to her male victims as a beautiful young woman who is lost on the road.   Some  myths  has a  hiding her  corpse like  face  under a  big hat Her long dress hides the fact that she has one human foot and one cow’s hoof. She casts spells on her victims to lead them into the forest, then disappears. The man, confused, lost and scared, runs around the forest until he falls into a ravine or river to his death.  Or   some stories  say she  seduces  her  victims  and lead  them to their  deaths.ladiables


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