Slave Girls in Acts 12 and Acts 16

Acts of the Apostles 12:12-15 we are introduced to the slave Rhoda which is Greek for Rose. She hears Peter voice outside the house but Mary and the others dismiss her as mad. When Peter finally gets inside the house he does nothing to correct the impression that Rhoda is being silly instead she comes down to us as silly and comedic relief and mad Maybe it was because, she was a woman, maybe because she was a slave,maybe because she was poor but Peter’s interaction with Rhoda is similar to Paul’s interaction with the unnamed slave girl in Acts 16 that girl is depicted as unclean and mad. Mary is a homeowner, Lydia is a business owner which brings in the assumption that both Lydia and Mary had sufficient means to support Peter and Paul’s ministries hence their preferred interaction with them and their dismissive attitudes of the slave girls. Both girls were right but yet their narrative and testimony is dismissed . Peter and Paul were more concern about having the wealthy convert than addressing the issue of slaves. Paul in Acts 16 cast out the “unclean” spirit but did nothing of the girls condition as a slave. Peter went into a Christian house for a Christian meeting but yet did nothing to address Mary’s holding of a slave. Rhoda and the unnamed slave girl were four times the other, they were Greek, women, poor and slaves who were dismissed and ignored by Jewish, Roman males who mostly had interest in rich men and rich women by extension . Paul and Peter didn’t have everyone’s best interest at heart sometimes, they mostly looked out  for themselves

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