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Perfect Deity and Perfection False Dichotomies

Many  people have  heard  me  say   or have  read my statuses on facebook  saying  that  there  is  no  such  thing   as  a  perfect deity.  God or/and Jesus  depending  on if  you believe  they are  one  and the  same  are  not   perfect beings, if they were then  we as  humans would  be  flawless as  according to Genesis   1:26  says  “ Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness;”.    So  then  if  God  is  perfect  and  he  created  humankind  in his  likeness and  image  then  we should  be  perfect.

However we are  not  perfect  but  quite  flawed, thus  humans  who were  made  in God’s likeness  and image  are not  perfect and therefore  God  is   flawed.   If God  is  perfect  then  wouldn’t a  perfect being  have hindsight of  the creation   he/she  made  would eventually be “sinful” and if  humans became  “sinful”  and we were created  in her /his  image  then God  is  “sinful”.   Humanity  has  never  worshipped  perfect  beings,  I don’t  think we can say  that God is perfect.    In  the  Methodist tradition )  there  is  the  concept  of  sanctification  that we  are  striving towards  perfection a  concept  that John Wesley  believed and  was heavily  influenced  by  Gregory of  Nyssa  who believed in  deification  ( becoming  like  God).   Hence if  God  is  perfect  and  Methodists are striving towards perfection  or as  someone said  in  my 718  class   completion, then humanity made in the  image of God will become  like her  perfect and complete, that’s  if   we  believe that God  is  perfect and  complete.   I do say  though that even though  God  may  not be  perfect,, humans  are still striving to become  like her and hence because we are made  in the  likeness of  God and we are  flawed  and sinful, God  is  sinful and  flawed.    As  I said earlier  on the  idea  of  a perfect  being   is a new concept   and  belongs  to  Christianity, Judaism and  Islam as we  believe  in  a  perfect deity.  For  thousands of  years   mankind and womankind  as  worshiped  gods and goddesses  that are flawed c.f   the  Greek gods,  the  Egyptian  gods, the  Celtic  gods, the  Norse  Gods, gods of the  near  east  etc  and even  in  Hinduism.  We have gods  mating  with humans, taking parts  in wars,  killing  humans, killing and overthrowing each  other and yet  they were  still worship.
The  idea  of  a  perfect  god  in  Christianity  is  a false  reality  because even  in the  text  that we have in  the canon, if we believe  that  the  bible  is  infallible  and  literal and came down  from the sky  from God, then we have  to take  to task the situations in the  text  that God  told people  to  go  into  other people’s  land and  take  it  from them,we have  a God  who  orders the  slaughter of  women, children, animals so that  she/he  can  give the  land of  the  people that were killed to  his/her  chosen people.  We  have  to task the  situation where  this  God  curses David’s  family instead  of  punishing David   and have  two of  his sons killed,  his daughter  and  concubines and  wives raped.  This  is a  God  that  flood a whole  planet  , killing millions  of  people.

This  supposedly  Perfect  being  is actually  doing the same thing  that  gods of old and other religions have  done.  If you believe the  text literally in the  Old Testament, this  god  is not  perfect or  even  good ( but that’s  for  another  note).   So  I have  been wondering  where  did the  idea of  a perfect God  come into   the  Christian  tradition if the   text supports   God  is  not  perfect.     I started thinking  that the  idea  of perfect God  may be how  most  of  us  view  Jesus as  the  perfect  son of God  or   God  himself  depends on which Christian  you ask   (  although  Jesus never claimed to be God, Mark  10:18  where  he says  no one  is good  but God, so  if he  was talking about himself  then wouldn’t he have  referred to  himself as God?).  Anyways  I believe  how  folks view  God  comes from  how  folks view Jesus.  Many Christians  you  speak too believe that   Jesus is a perfect  person  despite the fact  he  flipped  tables over  at  the  temples,  that  he was possibly  prejudice and  probably sexist but   he is  still  considered perfect  and the  only human who has not  sinned  or fallen  short of the  Glory of  god , whatever that  suppose  to  mean.  I think also many including me believe that  thought  of  Jesus being  perfect  may have  come  from  John’s  text  where   Jesus is being shown very  divine and  godlike  yet even though he  is shown  to be  superhuman,  divine  and  a  god,   John still  does  not portray Jesus as a  perfect being  , he is  still  flawed, just that  he   has  godlike  powers and is divine.  So  the    issue of  God and or Jesus being  perfect  is  false as  the  text  does  not  support  it.   I think  the  idea  that  Jesus or and  God  are  considered  flawless  by Christians   because  we  do not want to think of  an imperfect  deity  creating us  or  dying  for  our sins because  if Jesus  or  God  are  not  perfect  what  would  be the  point?.  Humanity was  not  program  to   be  perfect  or  to  worship  perfect beings, our history  of worship and religion  does not support this, nor  does  the  religious  texts  support  perfection.

A  perfect Jesus, a  perfect God is wishful  thinking by us as  there  is no such thing. So if  Jesus and  God   are  not  perfect, what exactly  are  we  Methodists striving towards?  perfection,  completion, becoming like  God ( perfect being)  all  mean the  same thing. because  I have  come  to the  conclusion  if   we are striving towards  perfection  or as  Gregory of  Nyssa says becoming  like  God, then we are already  perfect and  already  like  God but since the  text in my  opinion doesn’t support   a perfect  Jesus or  a perfect God, then  God is  like  us  flawed and imperfect  and  since  we are  made  in  the image and  likeness of  God we are  like  God and have already strived in becoming him, that is  imperfect and flawed. A  perfect Jesus  or God is  a false  dichotomy or assumption and no evidence to support this . but I guess we  want to worship something better and above us despite the evidence  of  contrary  and despite humanity’s  historical past of  worshipping a non perfect beings.  perfection  in gods, goddesses, angels, spirits and humanity is not realistic and is unobtainable but I digress as  the  Methodist in me is striving towards the  unattainable and unrealistic  goal of  perfection


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