mythology, new testament

once and future king

I have always been fascinated by the myth of King Arthur, I love the idea of Camelot and the return of the King and then I realized that the myth of King Arthur has many similarities to Jesus.  . But before I start let me give a brief history of both and the periods that the both lived in. King Arthur was supposed to be a Romanize Celt, the Romans had conquered Britain and according to some had bought civilization to the British Isles and by the time of the fall of the Rome, the Celts were in England were basically Roman. When Rome was falling, the Roman officials withdraw their soldiers from the occupied nations and these nations were left to protect themselves from invaders. When King Arthur supposedly rose up , he was dealing with the fall of Rome and invaders called the Anglo Saxons who were a Germanic people. Jesus was born in Roman occupied Judea and the Jews were looking for a messiah to free from Roman rule. Here the similarities begin both had something to do whether it was directly or indirectly with Rome. Arthur was most likely a Romanize Celt, Jesus was a Jew living in an occupied Roman territory. Arthur’s people were looking for a leader to save them from the Anglo Saxon invaders, Jesus’ people were looking for someone to save them from the Romans. The Celts and the Jews were looking for saviors but for different reasons. Arthur and Jesus had both unusual births. Jesus’s father was God and Arthur’s father was Uthyr Pendragon, a powerful king who had most of England under his control and who can be considered by many a king with superhuman strength. While their births were different , their conceptions at the time were highly unusual Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit , Arthur by rape. Arthur and Jesus’s birthday have been historically set as December 25th. Arthur and Jesus both were under similar unusual circumstances that signal the heroes journeys , the occupation of their lands by a foreign power and how both their peoples looked for a hero to free them.
As I read the King Arthur tale and I read and remember the life of Jesus, I have come to believe that another similar trait in both Jesus and Arthur is that they both had a point to prove, a fate bigger than themselves and yet it seems neither was aware of their purpose in a sense. It is interesting to note that Jesus may have not known that he had to save the world of sin until the age of 30 when he was baptized and began his ministry. Arthur may have not known that he had to fight the Anglo Saxons and unified England until he pulled excabliar out of the stone. Jesus and Arthur accepted their fate and destiny with little hesitation and questioning.
The tasks of these two heroes seemed mythical and that no one alive could do it. For Arthur is mythical and legendary journey was to unified England and defeat the Anglo Saxons a feat to too fast for just one ordinary man, for Jesus defeating the grip that sin had over the world, a feat even for a god to defeat. These tasks were not easy because of human weakness, Arthur’s wife betrayed him by committing adultery and Arthur and Camelot suffered because of this. Jesus was betrayed by a friend to the priests and the Romans and he suffered hugely in the garden of Getsemane, that night he was arrested.
They both died in similar mythical ways Arthur died fighting off the evil Mordred which actually help secure peace at Camelot for future generations and launch the beginning of the unification of England. Jesus died in a symbolic clash with good and evil, he was put to death by the Romans, His death fulfilled the prophecy securing people from death through original sin for future generations.
The death blows that were given both Arthur and Jesus were of a similar fashion , Arthur was stabbed at his side by a spear by Mordred and Jesus was stabbed at his side by a Roman. Because of the similarities both Arthur’s and Jesus’ stories end yet again in a similar fashion Jesus’s return will signal the end of time as his followers will be saved and those who have not repented will be condemned. Arthur will come again as a savior in England’s greatest time of need saving the good, virtuous people of England, and thrashing all those offenders who oppose her.
It is also good to note that Arthur is sometimes referred to as the Once and Future king

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