Cultural Oppression and Cultural Imperialism

Cultural oppression and cultural imperialism is a very part of Western Society actually Western American society . We have the majority culture complaining about how African Americans, Hispanics, immigrants and people of different religions talk, write, dance and what they wear and how they wear their hair. In the Bible there is cultural imperialism and cultural oppression that can be seen clearly by the Apostle Paul and his interaction with the unnamed slave girl. The unnamed slave girl had the gift of prophecy although the text calls divination. In her culture which was Greek, the divination was praised. Alexander the great went to the oracle of Delphi to find out from an oracle ( which is a a person who had insight to the future, past etc) to find out if he was son of Zeus and which the oracle told him he was. Divination or should I call it prophecy was part of the this girls heritage. In fact I believe it helped her to gain more freedom than she would have had if she didn’t have the gift. She was free to move throughout the city. Paul with his Roman Jewish male self even though he knew the girl was right and was telling the truth cast the spirit out of her ( the text never said she was possessed with an evil spirit) and did nothing to help the girl’s condition in fact he left her worse off than she was I think. same with Western society where the majority complains that dancing a certain way makes you immoral and possessed with a spirit of revelery  or they sexualized the way dance because they don’t not understand it or try to understand it even though African Americans, Africans, Caribbean people and East Indians all dance in similar ways.They want to complain about how Muslims worship or how some Muslim women cover their hair and their bodies and called it oppressive. They want to assume that Hispanics cannot speak English and make them speak English even though the United States Constitution does not have an official language .They want to cast out this spirit and make the conditions of these people worse off than it was already, taking away the power of freedom to move with their gifts of “divination” that God has given them. They want to be like Paul casting out the spirits of what makes them Muslim, African American, Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic by casting out the hijab, the Islam, the cornrows, the Afros, the Spanish, the Ebonics, the natural hair, the dancing ( twerking, whinning) and whatever they deem evil because all they care about is that is evil to them and it doesn’t fit their adhere. There are Pauls out there Roman, Jewish religious males who feel that their agenda and their culture is holy and good and the

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